About us

Our company has intelligent automatic winding machine and offline machine, motor assembly production line, motor digital intelligent testing line, motor performance testing equipment and motor type test center equipment.
      We supply a complete range of brushless motors and driver, including 24V brushless motor and driver, 48V brushless motor and driver, 310V brushless motor and driver.   
      Our company always adheres to the tenet of "benefiting the world with integrity and winning the market with quality". In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, the company has completed the whole process from raw materials entering the factory, parts processing to motor assembly test, so as to ensure that the motor delivered meets the international and IEC standards.



  • Application of Brushless DC motor

    Brushless DC motor itself with a fast response, large starting torque, from zero speed to rated speed, can provide rated torque performance, but this advantage of Brushless DC motor is its disadvantage, because brushless DC motor to produce rated load

  • The difference between brushless motor and brush motor

    In many people's eyes, brushless motor and brushless motor may not be clear about the difference between them. In fact, they are roughly the same in some places, but not exactly the same. There are a small part of the details that are different.

  • Service life of brushless motor

    Many people will consider one factor when buying brushless motor, that is, how long I can use the brushless single motor and how long its life is. This is a problem that most people are more concerned about. Because brushless motor is a machine