Service life of brushless motor

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2020-11-13 11:40

  When buying a brushless motor, many people will consider one factor, that is, how long can I use the brushless motor and how long its service life is. This is a problem that most people are concerned about. Because brushless motor is the main part of a machine, it needs to bear a lot of load and keep running, so for how long its life can be used, we can see from the following analysis.

  Analysis of several factors of brushless motor life: motor itself, human operation and environmental factors.

  1、 The main factors of brushless motor come from three aspects

  1). Bearing life of motor. As we all know, once the bearing of brushless motor is damaged, it is necessary to replace the bearing, and the replacement of the bearing will also affect its life.

  2). The magnetic steel is demagnetized. The longer the motor is used, the magnetic field on the magnet will fade. There is no way, unless you can magnetize it.

  3). Coil problem. Generally speaking, the aging time of motor coil is more than 10 years, but how to avoid coil aging? This is to pay attention to the coil in the process of using not too high temperature, to ensure good heat dissipation, so as to increase the service life of the coil, overheating burning of course also belongs to this category.

  2、 Due to human operation factors,

  due to the motor in the process of using, the technical level of the personnel operating the motor is different, resulting in the operation of the motor should not have some errors. For example, when the motor starts, it stops; there is overload starting; and it starts in case of failure, which will cause damage to the brushless motor and affect the service life of the brushless motor. Although there are many advantages of brushless motor to attract more and more users, it is strongly recommended that users who do not know anything about brushless motor should first use familiar motor or use it under the guidance of motor manufacturer.

  3、 Environmental factors

  Brushless motor should be used in the environment of ventilation, dry, no corrosive gas, normal air temperature and pressure. If there is corrosive gas and high humidity in the harsh environment, it is easy to damage the electrical and mechanical properties of the motor due to the influence of the environment. Therefore, the corresponding motor protection measures must be taken according to the environmental conditions.

  Brushless motor design life is generally 20 years, but the actual service life is generally less than, so under normal circumstances, brushless motor generally needs to be overhauled once every 10 years. Of course, good maintenance of the motor can also extend the service life of the motor.