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  Our company is specialized in researching, developing and serve electric motor. With the professionalism of our highly trained and qualified mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and marketing consultants, we are able to provide product design and integration service to our customers in the world market.

  Our company has intelligent automatic winding machine and offline machine, motor assembly production line, motor digital intelligent testing line, motor performance testing equipment and motor type test center equipment.

  We supply a complete range of brushless motors and driver, including 24V brushless motor and driver, 48V brushless motor and driver, 310V brushless motor and driver.

  Our company always adheres to the tenet of "benefiting the world with integrity and winning the market with quality". In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, the company has completed the whole process from raw materials entering the factory, parts processing to motor assembly test, so as to ensure that the motor delivered meets the international and IEC standards.

  Feel welcome to review all of our product range.

  We are also proud to accept special design requirements from the customers.

  Should you have questions about our product range, please contact our Sales Department.