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Industry application of Brushless DC motor


2020-12-22 12:06

  Brushless motor is one of the most popular motor words nowadays. More than 1000 people search for this term every day. In fact, brushless motor has a series of advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance of AC motor, as well as the characteristics of high operation efficiency, no excitation loss and good speed regulation performance of DC motor, so it is widely used in the current popular industries All these fields are gradually popularized, such as production lines, medical devices, automatic production, textile industry, packaging machinery, robots and so on.

  The application of Brushless DC motor is mainly divided into the following three categories:

  1. Machinery requiring constant speed operation

  General industry does not need speed regulation, most of them use AC asynchronous or synchronous motor as power source. With the continuous development and maturity of Brushless DC motor technology, in the case of power less than 2kW and continuous constant speed operation, in order to reduce the volume, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and energy conservation and emission reduction, more and more enterprises choose brushless DC motor as the power source. The application of this kind of Brushless DC motor includes: automatic door, elevator, water pump, fan, etc. In addition to permanent magnet motor, it also needs to increase the driver and external control equipment in the machinery that needs higher power, so the cost is not directly proportional to the return on revenue, so brushless motor is rarely used at present.

  2. Machinery that needs speed regulation

  Generally, the speed of this type of application equipment needs to be set and adjusted arbitrarily, but the control accuracy is not high. This kind of system can be divided into two kinds: one is open-loop speed control system, the other is closed-loop speed control system (at this time, the speed feedback devices mostly use low resolution pulse encoder or AC, DC speed measurement, etc.). There are three kinds of motors: brushless DC motor, asynchronous motor and brushless DC motor. It can be seen everywhere in packaging machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, material conveying machinery, textile machinery and transportation vehicles.

  DC motor is widely used in the application field of adjustable speed system at the beginning. With the development of AC speed control technology, especially frequency converter and controller, AC frequency conversion technology has been widely used. Frequency converter and AC motor have penetrated into most of the original application fields of DC speed control system. In recent years, due to the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving of Brushless DC motor, medium and small power AC frequency conversion system is gradually replaced by brushless DC motor speed control system, especially in the field of textile machinery, printing machinery and other original frequency conversion system. However, in some applications powered directly by batteries, brushless DC motor is more used now.

  3. Machinery requiring precise control

  Servo motor is always the most important motor in the high-precision control of industrial automation field. Different applications require different control performance of servo motor. In practical application, there are different control forms of servo motor: torque control / current control, speed control, position control. Due to its good control performance, brushless DC motor gradually replaces DC motor and stepping motor in high-speed and high-precision positioning system, and becomes one of the motors selected by modern servo system. At present, scanners, cameras, CD-ROM drive, medical diagnosis CT, computer hard disk drive and CNC lathe drive have begun to use brushless DC motor.