Common methods for maintenance of Brushless DC motor

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2020-12-23 15:26

  Although brushless motor from a mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a motor that does not need maintenance, just do some dust removal maintenance when necessary. However, in order to ensure that the motor continues to play the highest efficiency, it is also necessary to carry out the necessary maintenance of the motor.

  This article focuses on the maintenance of Brushless DC motor. Brushless DC motor not only has the advantages of simple AC motor, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, but also has the advantages of high operation efficiency and good speed regulation performance. Moreover, it is easy to achieve large capacity and high speed because it is not limited by mechanical commutation. It has broad application prospects in aerospace, military industry, digital control, metallurgy, medical equipment and other fields.

  In order to make the function of Brushless DC motor better play, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance. In daily use, we can extend the life of the motor and improve the efficiency of the motor by the following methods.

  Maintenance method of Brushless DC motor:

  1. The insulation resistance should be checked frequently, and the grounding of motor case should be checked

  The working environment of brushless motor is humid and corrosive gas exists in the working room, which will damage the electrical insulation of the motor. The most common fault is winding grounding fault, that is, insulation damage, which is the collision between live parts and metal parts such as the shell that should not be live. Once this fault occurs, it will not only affect the normal operation of the motor, but also endanger personal safety. Therefore, the brushless motor in use, should often check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to check whether the motor casing grounding is reliable.

  2. Familiar with the structure characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of Brushless DC motor;

  2. Select the working place where the motor is disassembled and clean up the site environment;

  3. In order to further understand the defects of Brushless DC motor in operation, an inspection test can be conducted before disassembly if possible

  Compared with the brushless motor, the brushless motor has less carbon brushes, and the wear of the motor is mainly on the bearing. Therefore, after using the motor for a period of time, the bearing needs to be cleaned timely, and the grease and lubricating oil need to be replaced. The cleaning and oil changing time should be determined by the working environment, working condition and cleanliness of the brushless motor. Generally, the motor should be cleaned once every 3-6 months and the lubricating oil should be changed again. When the oil temperature is high, or the working environment of the motor is poor and there is a lot of dust, the motor needs to be cleaned and changed frequently. If there is too much dust in the environment, it is better to clean it once a day. In addition, when the brushless motor works for a long time, it is necessary to check whether the screw is loose or burned frequently. If it is loose, the nut should be tightened

  4. Before the disassembly of the brushless DC motor, the dust on the surface of the motor should be blown with compressed air, and the surface dirt should be wiped clean;

  5. Prepare tools (including special tools) and equipment for disassembly;

  6. Cut off the power supply, remove the external wiring of the motor, and make records.