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Brushless DC motor low voltage 24 V 200 W

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2019-07-05 11:26


  • Qiwo 310V brushless motor, 310V brushless DC motor, 450W brushless motor and 450W brushless DC motor are composed of permanent magnet rotor, multipole winding stator and position sensor. Because the brushless DC motor is operated by self-control, it will not add another starting winding on the rotor like the synchronous motor with heavy load starting under variable frequency speed regulation, and it will not produce oscillation and out of step when the load changes suddenly. The operation efficiency, low-speed torque, speed accuracy of Brushless DC motor are better than any inverter control technology, so it has attracted the attention of the industry. About brushless motor voltage, power, speed, with gearbox and other performance problems, or motor custom development, driver custom development. email: .
  • Products are widely used in the field of industrial automation, in addition to a certain market share in China, but also sold abroad.